Greek Salad

About this recipe

This salad is so refreshing, we make it at least once a month. Often we have a meal of just Greek salad and fresh bread. Enjoy!


Into a large salad bowl, put:

  • cut up romaine,
  • an orange bell pepper (cut up),
  • cucumber (cut up),
  • some nice tomatoes (cut up),
  • purple or white onion (sliced thick).

Drizzle olive oil over top to coat. Then add salt, pepper, and oregano, and toss with your hands. Add red wine vinegar to taste and toss again. Keep tossing, tasting, and adding vinegar until you’ve got it right.

Then add:

  • kalamata olives,
  • crumbled feta cheese.

Toss once more. When thoroughly tossed, crumble a little more feta and shake a little more oregano on top before serving.


  • Don’t do anything different, this is exactly how you make it.
    Did you hear me? Don’t do anything different. I don’t care what you had at Sally’s place. This is exactly how you make it!

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