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Tomato Sauce with Beans

About this recipe

We don't make pasta with beans, but other families do and they seem happy. This recipe is also called Thunder and Lightning because of the beans and chili pepper. Try it—you'll like it!


Place a large saucepot on the stove; turn heat to just under medium and fry:

When the meat is browned and the onion looks good, add:

Reduce heat, cover, and let wine absorb into everything for 10 minutes. Remove lid, turn heat back up, and cook another few minutes until the wine has almost evaporated. Then add:

Bring to a boil. When boiling, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for around 45 minutes. Taste for seasoning halfway through.

After simmering, uncover and turn heat back up to medium. Continue simmering with the lid off until the sauce looks good (another 5-10 minutes). When it’s done, discard the celery and carrot.