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Roast Chicken

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Who loves roast chicken? We do! It goes great with mixed green salad and some form of roast potatoes. Having a party? Roast 7 or 8 chickens ahead of time and get drunk with the guests (things will be fine). 


Go out and buy yourself a nice:

Wash it well and pat dry with paper towel. Make 2 slits in the chicken’s breast and 2 slits at the top of its legs. Then cut up:

Salt and pepper each slit and shove in a piece of garlic. Throw the last chunk into the cavity.

Then season with:

Sprinkle inside and out with salt and pepper (making sure to get under the wings). Sprinkle rosemary only on the outside and put chicken into a roasting pan, lying on its back, on a rack (Jack!).

Roast at 350°F using a meat thermometer. Cook covered (with lid or aluminum foil) for the first ½ hour. Then uncover and cook another 1½ hours until ready (internal temperature is 180°F). Baste frequently.

Squeeze fresh lemon over top with 45 minutes to go or when three-quarters cooked.