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Stuffed Zucchini & Peppers (Traditional)

About this recipe

This is enough stuffing for 12 small zucchinis plus 2-3 peppers. Use a knife to core the zucchinis and don’t parboil the vegetables first (the meat needs time to cook). 


In a bowl, mix together:

With your hands, squash ingredients thoroughly together.


Wash, remove both ends, and cut in half widthwise (not lengthwise). Burrow (core out) pulp by twisting a knife, making sure not to pierce the original end. Discard pulp. Shake a little salt and pepper inside shells and stuff tightly.


Wash peppers. Cut off and discard tops. Shake a little salt and pepper inside shells. Then stuff ‘em!

Put stuffed vegetables in a Pyrex baking dish. Add a little oil and water to bottom of dish. Salt and pepper outside of vegetables. Cover with foil and bake at 360°F for 1 hour, and then turn zucchinis and cook everything uncovered for another hour. When turning, you could squash a couple canned plum tomatoes over top (if you didn’t add them to the stuffing).