Barbecued Peppers

About this recipe

Looking for something to put on your sandwich? How about something to go with veal cutlets? Just call on your old friend the bell pepper—he’ll do quite nicely. You can grill any colour pepper (green, red, yellow, or orange); we’re not prejudiced.


Wash peppers and barbecue on their sides. When peppers turn black, turn and continue cooking until well charred on all sides.

Take off grill and put into a paper or plastic bag. Wrap with a towel and let sit for 10–15 minutes. Then peel off skin and discard seeds. (Try not to run under water since they’re already loaded with moisture.) Let sit in a colander to drain (if possible).

Slice into thin strips and season with:

  • a little good olive oil,
  • chopped fresh garlic,
  • chopped fresh parsley,
  • salt and black pepper.

You're good to go.


  • Grill with the hood open since we're only charring.
  • If you can’t barbecue, char your peppers by placing on a cookie sheet and broiling in the oven.
    You can even freeze barbecued peppers and then season when thawed. In this case, freeze with the skin on and put 2-3 per bag.

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