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Roast Leg of Lamb

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Greeks are always pretending to be Italians. So, why can’t we sometimes be Greek? Lamb is delicious and should be eaten often. (You’re so lucky you found this site.)


Remove all visible fat from a:

Make a rub by mashing together:

Make two slits on each side of the roast. Salt and pepper each slit and shove in some mixture along with a chunk of garlic. Salt and pepper the outside of the roast, and rub remaining herbs on the outside as well.

Put in roasting pan (on a rack) and roast at 365°F with a meat thermometer, or barbecue using indirect heat. After about an hour (when the roast is three-quarters cooked), squeeze fresh lemon juice over top. Continue cooking to 150°F (another 20-30 minutes) and let sit a few minutes before serving.